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Professional Ethics: In-House Seminars/Sessions

In-House Seminars/Sessions

Islam -The Right Path

A seminar on the subject title was held on May 22, 2017 at WISH Campus. It was attended by thestudents of the FC and RCRS Riphah. Dr. Kashif Sheikh delivered a lecture drawing comparison between the Quran and the other revealed books, proving the Quran to be a comprehensive Book covering all aspects of human life. He elaborated various points, with research-based facts clarifying how to convince others to accept the Quran as the most authentic Book. He urged the students to lead a meaningful life based on divine guidance.

The Art of Good Writing

On March 3, 2017 a session on The Art of Good Writing was held at Mizan Campus. Mr. Murtaza Shibli, author of 7/7 Muslim Perspectives and a renowned contributor to International Media outlets including The Guardian and The Independent was the resource person. The Razi Hall was full to its capacity and the audience took great interest in the talk. The speaker explained valuable techniques and strategies to cultivate writing skills, particularly suggesting the students to write diaries to hone their writing competence.

In-House Seminars/Sessions

Career Counseling and Personality Development

On May 17, 2017 a seminar on Career Counseling and Personality Development was conducted at Razi Hall Al-Mizan Campus. The purpose of the seminar was to make students aware about the importance of career counselling and personality development. The key speakers were Ali Moeen Nawazish and Brig Lal Hussain. Mr. Nawazish highlighted the need of career counseling and guidance. The speaker suggested that networking is the key to build professional relationships and leads to growth in careers. Brig Hussain dilated upon the diferent aspects of human personality. The speaker asserted that the ideal personality is that of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) who could be followed if one desired to achieve excellence. The session was wrapped up with the vote of thanks by Mr. Hafz Muhammad Naveed Ahsan, Lecturer (English) and the guests were presented shields on behalf of the worthy Vice Chancellor, Riphah.

Hijab Conference

On April 11, 2017 Hijab Conference was held at PIA Hall, Riphah Main Campus with the purpose to create awareness amongst the female students about the concept of hijab and to make them understand the rationale and signicance behind this. Two former showbiz celebrities of Pakistan Ms. Sehar Siddiqui and Ms. Arooj Nasir, who left their career at peak and started, preaching Islamic values, were the key-note speakers. In their speeches, they shared their soul stirring experience of transition from celebrities to God-fearing women. A quiz competition and poster presentations were also arranged by the students during the proceedings. The students demonstrated a lot of enthusiasm to organize the session and termed it illuminating and educative. The session was concluded with the vote of thanks by In charge Tarbeya Dr Kausar Firdaus and the guests were presented souvenir on behalf of the University.