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Ophthalmic Dispensing: Course Outline (BSOP613)

Learning Objective

This Course continues from the second year Ophthalmic Lenses course and gives theory and practical instruction in more advanced types of ophthalmic lenses and optical appliances, in preparation for the third-year clinical dispensing sessions. An introduction is also given to low vision aids, theory and practical. This Course introduces the optical principles of ophthalmic lenses, and the properties of spectacle lenses and frame materials. The course will cover both the theoretical properties and practical manipulation of basic forms of single vision and bifocal spectacle lenses and provide an introduction to the practical considerations of dispensing spectacle lenses including progressive lenses and frames.

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Course Outline


1. Ophthalmic Lenses, Types of lenses
2. Definitions – lenses and frames
3. Spectacle frame measurements
4. Lensometer and IPD measurements
5. Centration and decentration effective result
6. Spectacles tints
7. Vertex distance and vertex power
8. Best form spectacle frames and lenses.
9. Axis chart and its use in dispensing
10. Lensometer types and use
11. Axis marking on Lensometer
12. Tools, Lens powering spherical
13. Lens powering cylindrical
14. Bifocals, Bifocals fitting, Bifocals dispensing
15. Bifocals manufacturing

16. Special purpose lenses, Progressive Lenses
17. Different materials used in dispensing
18. Pediatric dispensing, Special consideration for pediatric dispensing
19. Prescription mistakes commonly made
20. Auto Edger (Types and Fitting Methods)

Reference Books