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Eco linguistics: Course Outline

It offers major themes of ecolinguistics: language and ecology, language and environment, ecocriticism, and eco-critical discourse analysis.

Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)

             Introduction to Ecolinguistics

             The stories we live by

             The ‘eco’ of ecolinguistics

             The ‘linguistics’ of ecolinguistics

             Ecosophy

             Language and environment

             Language and Gnosis

             Language and the natural environment

             Linguistic and philosophical roots of our environmental crisis

             Ecology as metaphor

             The ecology of languages

             Economy and ecology in language

             The emergence of metaphor model

             The corporation is a person metaphor

             Ecocriticism of the language system

             Green grammar

             New ways of meaning: A challenge to applied linguistics

             Ecocritical Discourse Analysis

             Language abuse in the wildlife profession

             Green advertisements and the greening of the corporate

             Ideologies and Discourse

             Frames and framing

             Evaluation and appraisal patterns

             Conviction and facticity patterns

             Erasure

             Salience and reminding

Text Books

Supplementary Reading(s)