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Meal Planning and Management: Recommended Books

Meal planning and management refers to the process of determining the foods to be prepared, cooked and presented to the family in order to meet its nutritional needs using the available resources.

Related Books

Cover ArtApplied Nutrition by D. V. Reddy

ISBN: 9788120417847

Publication Date: 2019





Cover ArtNutritional Assessment by Robert D. Lee; David C. Nieman

ISBN: 9780071326360

Publication Date: 2012





Cover ArtThe encyclopedia of nutrition and good health by Ronzio, Robert

Call Number: 2019

ISBN: 9788130933801





Cover ArtNutrition in Sport by George Neumann

ISBN: 1841260037

Publication Date: 20

Related Books

Cover ArtIntroduction to Nutrition and Metabolism by David A. Bender

ISBN: 0748407812

Publication Date: 1997






Cover ArtWilliams' Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy by Staci Nix

ISBN: 9780323051996

Publication Date: 2008





Cover ArtNutrition and Growth by Derrick B. Jelliffe; E. F. Patrice Jelliffe (Editor)

ISBN: 0306401282

Publication Date: 1979





Cover ArtNutrition and Diet Therapy by Peggy S. Stanfield; Y. H. Hui

ISBN: 0763721409

Publication Date: 2003