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Food and Drugs Laws: Course Content (BSDL612)


Punjab Pure Food Rules 2011: legal terms and definitions from the food industry; Rules for food additives, categories, permissible limits; Food packaging: rules, criteria for packaging material, labelling requirements; Duties and responsibilities of public analysts and food safety officer; The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan Act, 2012; DRAP Alternative Medicines and Health Products Enlistment Rules 2014; Halal food dietary laws. Consumer protections laws in Pakistan; The Punjab Consumer Protection Rules 2009; The Punjab Consumer Protection Act 2005; The Pakistan Hotels and Restaurants Act, 1976; The Punjab Food Authority Act 2011; The Pakistan Halal Authority Act 2015; Pakistan National Accreditation Council; Punjab Halal Development Agency; Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA); Role of electronic and print media in public awareness and empowerment.

Learning Outcomes

 To get know how about the existing food and drug laws prevailing in the country
 To understand duties and authorities of food safety officers and drug inspectors
 To familiarize with food and drug laws enforcement agencies in Pakistan

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