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Nutrition Policies and Programs: Course Content (BSPP613)


History and importance of nutrition intervention planning; World declaration on nutrition; Nutrition development partners; Policy guidelines; Community nutrition programs: national and international, supplementary feeding programs; Food fortification, supplementation and diet diversification; School feeding programs: interventions and impacts; Improving household food security; Protecting consumers through improved food quality and safety; Preventing and managing infectious diseases; Promoting breast feeding; Caring for socio-economically deprived and vulnerable; Preventing and controlling specific micronutrient deficiencies; Promoting appropriate diets and healthy lifestyle; Improving health care; Five years plan for Pakistan (Nutrition); Nutrition intervention: counselling for change; SUN movement; One health concept; National nutrition programs: food & nutrition program, Tawana Pakistan, school health program; Developing effective food and nutrition policies and programs.

Learning Outcomes

 To familiarize with global and local nutrition policies and programs in the domain of public health nutrition
 To prevent and control specific micronutrient deficiencies through diet based approaches among the vulnerable
 To promote appropriate diets and healthy lifestyles and access, analyze and monitor
nutrition situations


Nutritional counselling; Program designing for specific diseases like anemia, neural tube defects, rickets, etc.; Surveys and seminars in different educational institutions; Individual presentations by students on different nutrition topics; Visits of public places for nutrition awareness; Independent student projects.