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This course is introduced to acquaint the students with the freedom struggle, philosophy of Pakistan, process of governance and national development.


Pakistan Studies is interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary subject in which different subjects of Social Sciences. The main purpose of program is to provide an in-depth understanding of Pakistan through teaching and research about state and society of the country.

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Course Description:


The course aims to introduce students to the history of the region comprising Pakistan, provide an overview of contending perspectives on the origins of the country and examine its politics, society and culture. The course will discuss the foundation of the ideology of Pakistan, ideological clash between Muslims and other non-Muslim communities of subcontinent specially Hindus. The history that reveals when the Muslims entered in South Asia for trading, with the trade, they started preaching of Islam and the rays of Islam began to spread over the sub-continent. This course will help the students to learn that Islamic ideology and the philosophy underlying the Two Nations theory. Pakistan is a state founded on an ideological basis and not on the territorial grounds. The course will also provide the knowledge about social, economic and political variances between the two major communities at that time living in the sub-continent as well as the concept of Iqbal and Jinnah and other Muslim leaders of Pakistan Movement parallel to western philosophy related to them will be keenly focused.


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Course Goals:

The students will enable to acquire a sound knowledge and a balanced understanding of the history and heritage of Pakistan, and the land, people and resources of the country.

2. To develop students’ analytical and critical capabilities and broaden their vision.

3. To prepare a good citizen for Pakistani community.