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Islamic Studies/Ethics (Live and Livings): Course Outline

course code: BSIS612


This course is aimed at:

1. To provide Basic information about Islamic Studies

2. To enhance understanding of the students regarding Islamic Civilization

3. To improve Students skill to perform prayers and other worships

4. To enhance the skill of the students for understanding of issues related to faith and religious life.

Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Quranic Studies

  1. Basic Concepts of Quran
  2. History of Quran
  3. Uloom-ul -Quran

Study of Selected Text of Holly Quran

  1. Verses of Surah Al-Baqra Related to Faith(Verse No-284-286)
  2. Verses of Surah Al-Hujrat Related to Adab Al-Nabi (Verse No-1-18)
  3. Verses of Surah Al-Mumanoon Related to Characteristics of faithful (Verse No-1-11)
  4. Verses of Surah al-Furqan Related to Social Ethics (Verse No.63-77)
  5. Verses of Surah Al-Inam Related to Ihkam(Verse No-152-154)

Study of Selected Text of Holly Quran

  1. Verses of Surah Al-Ihzab Related to Adab al-Nabi (Verse No.6,21,40,56,57,58.)
  2. Verses of Surah Al-Hashar (18,19,20) Related to thinking, Day of Judgment
  3. Verses of Surah Al-Saf Related to Tafakar,Tadabar (Verse No-1,14)

Seerat of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) I

  1. Life of Muhammad Bin Abdullah ( Before Prophet Hood)
  2. Life of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) in Makkah
  3. Important Lessons Derived from the life of Holy Prophet in Makkah

Seerat of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) II

  1. Life of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) in Madina
  2. Important Events of Life Holy Prophet in Madina
  3. Important Lessons Derived from the life of Holy Prophet in Madina

Introduction to Sunnah

  1. Basic Concepts of Hadith
  2. History of Hadith
  3. Kinds of Hadith
  4. Uloom –ul-Hadith
  5. Sunnah& Hadith
  6. Legal Position of sunnah

Learning outcome

Selected Study from Text of Hadith Introduction to Islamic Law & Jurisprudence

  1. Basic Concepts of Islamic Law & Jurisprudence
  2. History & Importance of Islamic Law & Jurisprudence
  3. Sources of Islamic Law & Jurisprudence
  4. Nature of Differences in Islamic Law
  5. Islam and Sectarianism

Islamic Culture & Civilization

  1. Basic Concepts of Islamic Culture & Civilization
  2. Historical Development of Islamic Culture & Civilization
  3. Characteristics of Islamic Culture & Civilization
  4. Islamic Culture & Civilization and Contemporary Issues

Islam & Science

  1. Basic Concepts of Islam & Science
  2. Contributions of Muslims in the Development of Science
  3. Quran and Science

Islamic Economic System

  1. Basic Concepts of Islamic Economic System
  2. Means of Distribution of wealth in Islamic Economics
  3. Islamic Concept of Riba
  4. Islamic Ways of Trade & Commerce

Political System of Islam

  1. Basic Concepts of Islamic Political System
  2. Islamic Concept of Sovereignty
  3. Basic Institutions of Govt. in Islam
  4. Islamic History
  5. Period of Khlaft-E-Rashida
  6. Period of Ummayyads
  7. Period of Abbasids
  8. Social System of Islam

  9. Basic Concepts of Social System of Islam

  10. Elements of Family

  11. Ethical Values of Islam