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Sports Nutrition: Course Outline

course code: BSSN613

Learning Outcomes

  • ​​​​​​To emphasize the importance of proper fueling for physical activity, pre- and post-workout
  • To provide an overview about dietary supplements, how they are regulated and how to avoid use of contaminated dietary supplements
  • To highlight the risks associated with performance enhancing drugs including anabolic androgenic steroids


The principles of fitness, motivation and conditioning; Nutrition for the athletes, stress management, preventing accidents, stretching, posture and aerobics; Vitamins and minerals supplementation for fitness; High and low intensity exercise, cross training, walking for weight control and case studies; Introduction to muscle contraction, fast and slow fibres, energy storage, fuels used for exercise; Energy balance, fluid balance, fuelling cycle: Pre-exercise, during exercise and during recovery; Athletes eating plan, calorie goals, calorie values, carbohydrate goals, protein goals, fat, vitamins and mineral goals; Competition nutrition; Loosing, gaining and making weight for athletes; Eating disorder and athletes; Sports drink and supplementation; National and international regulations for supplements; Risks associated with performance enhancing drugs; Metabolic Equivalent Task; My pyramid for sportsman.


Bioelectric impedance analysis; Sweat rate and hydration status calculation; Calculation of BMR and RMR; Diet planning for different sportsmen like body builders, athletes, swimmers, etc. Preparation of sports drinks and food products according to accelerated needs; Use of sports supplements. Visit of sports centers and fitness clubs.

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