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Epidemiology and Community Medicine: Course content (MLEC-513)

Course description

 Introduction to epidemiology

  • Determinants
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Clinical epidemiology
  • Occupational epidemiology
  • Importance of epidemiology
  • Definitions of common terms related to epidemiology?
  • Health Indication
  • Concept of Health and Disease
  • Definition of health (Dimensions, physical, mental, social and spiritual).
  • Spectrum of health, Determinants of health.
  • Responsibility for health
  • Indicators of health
  • Concept of disease
  • Concept of causation (all theories including ecological triad, (agent, host & environmental factors)
  • Spectrum of disease
  • Iceberg phenomenon

Course description


  • Natural history of disease
  • Levels of prevention
  • Disease elimination and eradication
  • Disease surveillance
  • Introduction to Public Health and Health Systems in Pakistan
  • Background and concepts: Definitions and concepts in Public health
  • Development of public Health in Pakistan
  • Economics and Health
  • Health policy and planning in Pakistan. “Health for all” background, concepts and progress.
  • Primary Health care”: Concepts and progress.
  • The national disease control programs; polices, strategies and operations.
  • Health system in Pakistan: The role of Federal and Provincial Governments in Health care.
  • The district health system, in the context of devolution
  • The physician as a manager: Functions of manager, management of material, human and financial resources.
  • Leadership and motivation
  • Partners in health