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Haematology Lab Rotation: Course content (MLHT-634)

Course description

Analysis and interpretation of laboratory data in following analytes

  • Estimation of Haemoglobin (Hb)

  • Hemoglobin disorders

  • Hemoglobin electrophoresis

  • Total Red Blood Cell Count (TRBC)

  • Packed Cell Volume (PCV) or Haematocrit (Hct)

  • Calculation of Red Cell Indices (Absolute Values)

  • Total Leucocyte Count (TLC)

  • Platelet Count

  • Reticulocyte Count

  • Erythrocytes Sedimentation Rate (ESR)

  • Preparation and Staining Of Blood Films

Course description

Study of Peripheral blood smear

  • Normal

  • In different types of anemias , WBC and Platelets disorder

  • Differential Leucocyte Count (DLC)

  • Bleeding Time (BT)

  • Whole Blood Clotting Time

  • Prothrombin time (PT)

  • Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT)

  • Thrombin Time (TT)

  • Assisting bone marrow aspiration and trephine biopsy

  • D-Dimers

  • Sickling test

  • Osmotic fragility test

  • Ham’s test