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Course Description

 PHARMACEUTICS (Dosage Form Science-I) Theory


Cr. Hr.: 03

PHARMACEUTICS (Dosage Form Science-I) Lab

Cr. Hr.: 01

NOTE: Practicals of the subject shall be designed from time to time on the basis of the above mentioned theoretical topics and availability of the facilities, e.g. Prepartion of simple syrup, Orange syrup, Ferrous sulphate syrup, Cod Liver oil Emulsion, Liquid paraffin Emulsion, Throat paint (Mandle‘s paint), Boroglycerine glycerite, Tannic acid glycerin, Spirit ammonia aromatic, Spirit of Ethyl Nitrite. Preparation of Methyl salicylate ointment, Sulphur ointment, Calamine lotion, Iodine tincture, Preparations of oral hygiene products, Poultice of Kaolin, Effervescent granules, Distilled Water for injections.
(A minimum of 10 practical will be conducted)

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