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Digital Logic and Design: Course Outline for Biomedical (EE-212)

This course is an introduction to the basic principles and concepts of a digital system in particular digital computers.

Course Outline

Boolean Algebra and Boolean Operations: Introduction to Digital Electronics, Logic, Events and Binary Variables, Introduction to fundamental Boolean operations, NOT operation, OR operation, and AND operation, Truth Tables, Other Boolean operations as XOR, NOR, NAND, XNOR, truth tables, Boolean algebra, Boolean expressions, Boolean rules, DeMorgan‟s theorems, Two‟s complement of a binary number. 

Logic Gates: Introduction to Digital Logic Gates, Symbols of Logic Gates, Positive Logic, Negative Logic, Implementing simple Boolean expressions with logic gates, Concept of universal gate, NAND gate as a universal gate, NOR gate as a universal gate. Logic Families.
Combinational Logic: Few examples of Combinational Logic including Half Adder, Full Adder, Parallel Adder, Parallel Adder Subtractor, Deriving sum-of-products (SOP) and product-of-sums (POS) expressions from a truth table, logic comparators. Reducing an expression using Boolean rules, Karnaugh map, Implementing logic circuits using Universal Gate, Hazard free design.
Code Converters: Encoders, Decoders, Binary Numbers to Grey Code converter, Grey Code to Binary Numbers Converter, 7-segment driver for common cathode displays and common anode displays, binary to BCD converter.
Sequential Logic Circuits: flip-flops, latches, counters, registers, clocks. 

Integrated Digital Circuits: Multiplexers (MUX) and Demultiplexers, Read only memory, Kinds of ROM & RAM, Programmable logic arrays (PLAs), PAL devices, Implementing Combinational logic using Integrated Circuits.
Displays: Seven-segment Displays, Common Anode Display, Common Cathode Display, Seven-Segment Display Driver, Dot Matrix Displays, LED and LCD displays, Drivers for displays.

Recommended Books