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Course Outline

  1. Introduction to the course, Introduction to HCI
  2. What is Interaction design , process of interaction design, Interaction design and user experience, metaphors , models and types , cognition 
  3. Data gathering , analysis , Interpretation and presentation 
  4. Introducing Evaluation , DECIDE, Evaluation studies controlled to natural settings, Usability inspection methods
  5. Heuristic Evaluation, Analytics, Walkthrough, The Process of Interaction design 
  6. Establishing Requirements what how and why, Task description, Task Analysis
  7. Design , prototyping and construction, Conceptual design, physical design, using scenarios in design
  8. Norman design concepts, Design principles
  9. Design Standards, and Guidelines
  10. Nelson design heuristics, Design rationale and documentation
  11. Prototyping: low and high fidelity, Dialogue notations and design
  12. Evaluating paper prototype, Heuristics for evaluation
  13. Usability testing
  14. Usability test plan, Data collection and analysis
  15. Usability studies examples

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