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Challenges of Pakistan and Media Perspective: Course Outline

Challenges of Pakistan and Media Perspective

Course Outline

Course Contents

  • An Introduction: Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Struggle of independent Pakistan , Muslims in India and the role of Muslims in libration of India, Creation and concept of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam the father of nation, Defining Pakistan, Flag, National Anthem
  • To identify the challenges faced by Muslims at the time of creation of a separate country
  • Defining Challenges, Initial media of Islamic republic of Pakistan , Media and Islamic republic Pakistan struggle, Invent of  radio and new format of media
  • Pakistan television
  • Public and private sector media
  • Challenges in promotion of true picture of Pakistan
  • Challenges within the Media Industry
  • Foreign media dominance
  • Power politics and kingmaker role
  • Wage board ineffectiveness
  • Pakistani media and the modern world
  • Media practitioner, Media Consumer
  • Entertainment media and Islamic values
  • Illiteracy: problems in education sector and how media can handle this
  • Rule of Law
  • Historical perspe  
  • Ctive of the issue, is media a part of the problem?
  • Poverty: How media cover poverty?
  • What are the missing links?
  • Government, Marital Law and Democracy: Media censorship and control
  • Constitution of Pakistan: Struggle before the creation and adoption of first constitution to constitution of Pakistan 1973.
  • How media present the struggle and discussion of Objective Resolution as a foundation of all the constitutions and legal documents of Pakistan
  • Amendments in constitution
  • Wars and Defense of Pakistan 
  • Cultural Invasion and Youth of Pakistan 
  • Discrimination
  • Media role in mobilizing people and other relief workers