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Introduction to Computing: Course Outline BSEE

An overview of Computer Science and information technology with applications.

Course Outline

  • Classification 
  • Basic components
  • CPU
  • Memory 
  • Peripheral devices
  • Storage media and devices
  • Physical and logical storage
  • Data organization, file storage
  • Programs and software, application software
  • Operating systems, problem specification
  • Flow chart
  • Variables and constants
  • Arrays, input/output
  • Termination
  • Social impact of computer age
  • Computers in office
  • Industry and education

Text Books


Lab Outline

  • Basic computer organization including motherboard,
  • Memory, I/O cards,
  • Networking devices, use of flow charts,
  • Introduction to office tools including spreadsheet,
  • Word processing and presentation,
  • Introduction to mathematical software such as MATLAB,
  • Overview of different browsers, introduction to various operating systems, coding, executing and debugging simple programmes.

E-Books (Full Text)