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Arabic (Language other than English & Urdu): Course Outline

Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication is designed for students who want to obtain a background in general communication skills while concentrating in any one of the areas. These concentrations prepare students either for a variety of positions in medi

Course Outline

Course Contents:

  • Types of Arabic and its difference
  • Sounds of words Punctuation. Pronunciation.
  • Basic grammar and syntax
  • Nouns their types and their usage.
  • Genders: Masculine and feminine
  • Singulars and plurals.
  • Conjunctions their types and their usage.
  • Adjectives, their types and their usage.
  • Verbs and Tenses Types and their usage.
  • Pronouns their types and their Usage.
  • Adverbs, their types and their usage.
  • Phrase, Sentences/paragraphs
  • Fragments and incomplete sentences.
  • Topic and Comment Sentences.
  • Reading from the Quran
  • Translation from Quran


Recommended Books

Reference Books