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Web Programming: Course Outline (CS 3723)

Web programming refers to the writing, markup and coding involved in Web development, which includes Web content, Web client and server scripting and network security.

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Course Outline

  • Overview
  • Course Policies
  • Introduction Internet / World Wide Web
  • HTML (Part 01)
  • HTML (Part 02)
  • Walkthrough (HTML)
  • CSS Basics
  • Cascade, Specificity, Inheritance
  • CSS Positioning, Float
  • CSS Tips, Tricks & Techniques
  • Walkthrough (HTML/CSS Based Static Website)
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • ‚Äč PHP Overview
  • PHP Basic Syntax
  • Object Oriented PH
  • PPHP Important Features  
  • MySQL
  • Walkthrough (Database Driven Application using PHP/MySQL)
  • JavaScript Overview / Syntax
  • JavaScript Built-in Objects
  • JavaScript Document Object Model
  • jQuery 
  • Using HTML5 / CSS3 with JavaScript