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Basics Electronics: Course Outline (EE-112)

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Course Outline

  • Basic SI units for electronic devices, Circuit Diagrams, Atomic Theory Review, Voltage & current.
  • Resistors, temperature effects on resistors, Ohms Law, Voltage Polarity 
  • Current direction, Power, Energy, Series Circuit, Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law Resistors and Voltage resource in Series
  • Voltage Divider Rule, Circuit Grounding, Parallel Circuits, Kirchhoff’s Current Law, Resistor in Parallel 
  • Voltage source in Parallel, Current Divider Rule 
  • Series parallel networks, analysis of series parallel network. Application of series parallel circuits 
  • Examples of series parallel network 
  • Semiconductor Basics: Atomic Structure, Classification of Matters on the Basis of Semiconductor Theory 
  • Covalent Bonds, Conduction in Semiconductors. N-Type and P-Type Semiconductors, Diode, Biasing a Diode, Voltage-Current Characteristic of a Diode, Diode Models 
  • Diode Applications: Half- Wave Rectifiers, Full-Wave Rectifiers. Power Supply Filters and Regulators 
  • Diode Limiting and Clamping Circuits 
  • Special-Purpose Diodes: Zener Diodes. Zener Breakdown/characteristics, Zener equivalent circuit, Zener regulation, Applications of Zener Diode 
  • Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs): Transistor Structure.

Course Objective

  1. To prepare the students the operational principle, analysis, design and application of the Diodes, the Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT), the Field Effect Transistor (FET) and Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp).
  2. To initiate the students the understanding of the concepts, know-how and tools of circuit & device analysis and design.
  3. To teach the principle, operation and characteristics of various electronic devices and their applications.
  4. To develop the students’ ability on conducting engineering experiments and analyzing the experimental observations and able to use basic techniques for analysing analogue and digital electronic circuits.
  5. To develop the student’s ability on preparing report.

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