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Software Construction: Course Outline (SE 2203)

It is the thorough formation of functioning meaningful software through a combination of coding, authentication, unit testing, integration testing, and debugging.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction to Object Oriented Analysis and Design   

  • Iterative development, Unified process 

  • Introduction to UML and Case Studies 
  • Requirements Modeling using use cases, use case diagrams and scenarios 

  • Understanding the role of use cases in functional requirements and design

  • Interaction diagrams, sequence and collaboration diagrams
  • UML:  Use case , Use case diagrams, Activity diagrams, Sequence Diagram (System level)
  • Domain modeling, creating domain models from requirements,  System Sequence 

  • Diagrams (SSDs), Operation contracts, System layers  

  • Design Class Diagrams, Method names, Multiobjects, Navigability, Dependency relationships, Reference attributes & Role names

  • Grasp Patterns and their application