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Managerial Decision Making: Course Outline

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Course Outline

Intro to Decision Making

  • Making Management Decisions-The Content and Context of Management Decisions
  • Introduction to Rational models- Mathematical and Statistical models

Rational Models (contd.)


Rational Models (contd.)

  • Limitations 

Psychology of Mind

  • Thinking 

Mintzberg approach to Decision Making

Preference Reversals - Inconsistency within the Decision-Maker

Learning and Decision Making - The role of experience

Motivation and Decision Making

Fairness, Ethics, and Rationality

Bounded Awareness and Ethicality

Improving Decisions

Decision Making in Finance

Chapter 1 Relativity of Financial Preferences: How Choice 

  • Options Influence Investment Decision Making  Ivo Vlaev and Nick Chater

Chapter 10 The Conflict between Money and Self-Esteem in Investment Liqing Zhang

Systems Thinking

Critiques and New Directions I

Critiques and New Directions II


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Recommended Articles