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Oral Medicine for BDS: Course Outline

Oral medicine (sometimes termed dental medicine, oral and maxillofacial medicine or stomatology) is a specialty focused on the mouth and nearby structures. It lies at the interface between medicine and dentistry.

Course Outline

Introduction Significance of Oral Medicine

  1. Oral diagnosis      
  • Histology
  • general health status
  • oral examination (including lips oral mucosa floor of the mouth teeth gingival occlusion salivary glands jaw bones)
  • examination of tempromendibular joint
  • Roentgenological examinations
  • laboratory aids
  • analysis Treatment Planning and Patient Management
  1. Immunity and its impact on oral health
  1. Oral Infections
  • Bacterial infections
  • Fungal infections
  • Viral infections
  1. Oral soft tissue lesions
  • White lesions
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Ulcerative lesions
  • Vesiculo-bullous lesions
  • Pre-malignant lesions Clinical features Diagnosis and management
  • Disorders of the tongue and lips Clinical features diagnosis and treatment
  • Diseases of salivary glands xerostomia; Clinical features diagnosis and management
  • Diseases of Jaw bones Clinical features Diagnosis and management
  • Disorders of Tempro-mandibuar joint: Clinical features diagnosis and treatment
  • Disorders of Teeth Clinical features Diagnosis and treatment
  • Focal infection: Significance diagnosis and management of effect cases
  • Clinical features Diagnosis and treatment of pain;
  • Dento-alveolar pain
  • Neurological pains
  • Psycho-somatic pain
  1. Halitosis
  • Causes Clinical features diagnosis and therapy

Course Outline

  1. Allergy and drug reactions in dental practice
  • Clinical features diagnosis and treatment of anaphylactic shock
  1. Special consideration to the dental problems of children and senior citizens
  2. Nutrition and Oral Health
  3. Professional hazards in dentistry
  4. Oral manifestations of systemic diseases
  5. Oral aspects of systemic diseases and their dental management
  6. Particularly of cardiovascular diseases
  7. Disorders of Respiratory System
  8. Disorders of Gastrointestinal Tract
  1. Sexually transmitted diseases
  • AIDS
  • oral manifestations
  • diagnosis and management
  • Syphilis oral manifestations
  • diagnosis and management
  • Oral aspects of Gonococal Infections
  • diagnosis and management
  1. Diseases of Liver with special attention to the infectivity of the patients and mode of its further spreads and control specific reference to universal precautions
  2. Diseases of Kidneys special attention to patient on dialysis
  3. Hormonal disturbances oral aspects of puberty menstruation pregnancy and menopause
  4. Oral aspects of skin diseases
  1. Special considerations for patients suffering from systemic disorders   like blood disorders requiring blood examination prior to oral surgery
  • Anaemia
  • Leukeamia
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Patients on anti-coagulant therapy management
  1. Oral Malignancies Diagnosis and management
  • Patients on Radio therapy
  • Patients on Chemo-therapy
  1. Methods of report writing

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