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Numerical Computing: Home

In this course emphasis will be laid, on learning the Numerical methods to solve the Linear, Non-linear Equations, Interpolation and Different Numerical Methods to solve the problems of Integration, Differentiation and Differential Equations

Course Objective

  • Grasp the numerical techniques and should be able to use a variety of methods in solving real-life, practical, technical, and theoretical problems which cannot be solved by other methods.
  • Apply the Bisection, Regula Falsi, Newton and Iteration methods to solve a non-linear equation
  • Apply the different method to solve linear Equations
  • Construct Lagrange and Newton forward difference interpolation polynomials for a given set of data.
  • Apply Trapezoidal and Simpson’s rules to find the approximate value of an integral.


Numerical Computing

Information Advisor

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Malik Ghulam Hussain
Information Services Department
Riphah International University Main Campus Islamabad