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Enterprise Architecture: Course Outline

This course is designed to give understanding of Enterprise Architecture. This course aims at exploring the concept of enterprise architecture and its need.


  • The need of enterprise architecting.
  • What is Enterprise architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture and Technology Trends
  • Enterprise Architecture Goals, Roles, and Mechanisms
  • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
  • The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)
  • Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture
  •  Extended Enterprise Architecture Framework (E2AF)
  • Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF)
  • Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP)
  • Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA)
  • Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF)
  • The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)
  • Preliminary framework and principles
  • Architecture vision
  • Business Architecture
  • Information systems architectures
  • Technology architectures
  • Opportunities and solutions
  • Migration planning
  • Implementation governance
  • Architecture change management
  • TOGAF Certification

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