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Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy: Course Outlines PP-DPT

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Course Outline

  1. General Concepts
  2. Trauma to Soft Tissues
  3. Referred Pain
  4. Pressure on Nerves
  5. The Diagnosis of Soft Tissue Lesions
  6. The Head, Neck and Scapular Area
  7. Cervical Intervertebral Disc Lesions
  8. The Jaw, the Thoracic Outlet, the Sternoclavicular Area
  9. The Shoulder pain
  10. The Elbow Pain and movement dysfunction
  11. The Wrist and Hand pain & Movement dysfunctions
  12. Pain in the Thorax and Abdomen area
  13. The Lumbar Region pain
  14. The Sacroiliac Joint Pain
  15. The Buttock and Hip Pain
  16. The Knee pain and Movement dysfunctions

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