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Probability and Statistics: BSSE Course Outline

A probability distribution is a table or an equation that links each outcome of a statistical experiment with its probability of occurrence.


  • Introduction to statistics and , Frequency distribution, graphical representation of data stem and leaf plot, symmetry and skewness  
  • Measure of central tendency, mean, median mode for grouped and ungrouped data 
  • Measure of variation, variance and standard deviation for grouped and ungrouped data, z scores
  • Basic concept of Probability
  • Rules of probability, addition and multiplicative laws of probability
  • Random variables, discrete and continuous
  • Mean and variance of  discrete and continuous random variables  
  • Discrete probability distribution, 
  • Binomial and poison distribution 
  • continuous  probability distribution normal distribution with its application
  • Sampling distribution of mean
  • Regression ,linear with assumption and application
  • Correlation
  • Estimation of paramerts,mean 
  • Hypothesis testing 
  • Z test, T test 

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