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Speech Disorders: Course Outline (SLPSD723)

Speech disorders or speech impediments are a type of communication disorder where 'normal' speech is disrupted. This can mean stuttering, lisps, etc. Someone who is unable to speak due to a speech disorder is considered mute.

Course Outline

 Speech Disorders

Week 01

Voice and Voice Disorders

Normal Voice

An introduction to voice

Communicative function of voice

Week 02

Anatomy and physiology of respiration

Week 03

Larynx anatomy and physiology

Week 04

Articulation and resonance

Week 05

Normal voice production

Voice mutation

Week 06

Voice disorders


Week 07

Classification and perceptual assessment

Objective assessment

Week 09

Hyperkinetic dysphonia, vocal abuse

Week 09

Hyperkinetic dysphonia remediation

Week 10

Psychogenic voice disorders

Week 11

Psychogenic and endocrine pitch disorders

Week 12

Resonance disorders

Week 13

Laryngeal structural anomalies, infection and trauma

Week 14

Neurological dysphonia and therapy

Week 15

Laryngeal palsy

Week 16

Laryngeal carcinoma

Total laryngectomy and acquisition of pseudo-voice

Course Goals

To produce specialized professionals who are aware of anatomy and physiology of respiration, larynx and articulation.

To enable the students understand the process of normal voice production.

To enable the students classify voice disorders and asses patient perceptually and objectively.

 To give detail outline of resonance and laryngeal disorders.

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