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Applied Cryptography: Course Outline

This course will focus on improving the security of the system using cryptography techniques. Cryptography is the core technology that lies behind the majority of technical security solutions that are currently available.

Course Outline

  • Computer Security Concepts ,The OSI Security, Architecture, Security Attacks, Security Services, Security Mechanisms, A Model for Network Security
  • Symmetric Cipher Model, Substitution Techniques, Transposition Techniques
  • Rotor Machines, Steganography
  • Block Cipher Principles, The Data Encryption Standard (DES), A DES Example
  • The Strength of DES, Differential and Linear Cryptanalysis, Block Cipher Design Principles
  • The Origins AES, AES Structure, AES Round Functions
  • Key Management
  • AES Key Expansion, An AES Example, AES Implementation
  • Multiple Encryption and Triple DES, Electronic Codebook Mode
  • Cipher Block Chaining Mode, Cipher Feedback Mode, Output Feedback Mode
  • Principles of Public-Key Cryptosystems, The RSA Algorithm
  • Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, ElGamal Cryptosystem
  • Other IS Management Considerations-Implementing IS Management
  • Elliptic Curve Arithmetic, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Pseudorandom Number Generation Based on an Asymmetric Cipher
  • Applications of Cryptographic Hash Functions, Two Simple Hash Functions, Requirements and Security
  • Symmetric Key Distribution Using Symmetric Encryption and Asymmetric Encryption, Distribution of Public Keys, X.509 Certificates, Public Key Infrastructure

Reference Material

E-Books (Full Text)