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Enzymes kinetics: Course Outline (907)

The objectives of this course are to: teach the students on the kinetic of enzyme catalysis; steady state enzyme and transient• kinetic. provide students with opportunities to learn and understand the basic concept behind enzyme.

Course Outline

Extent of chemical reaction

Dynamic equilibrium

Reaction order and rate laws

Molecularity of reaction

Theories of chemical reaction factor affecting chemicals reactions

Steady-State approximation isotope effect in chemical reaction

Reaction in solutions

Kinetics of complex reaction

Overview of protein structure

Steady-State enzyme kinetics (one-substrate cases) used of rapid-equilibrium and steady-state approximations determination of V

Km and V/Km interpretation of V

Km and V/Km  

Enzyme inhibition

Allosteric interactions

effect of temperature and pH on enzyme kinetics

Application on kinetic principles to study of pharmaceutical systems involving drug degradation stress testing

Acid-base catalysis

Medium effect 

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