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Crystallography: Course Outline (906)

The objective of this course is to present the basic concepts needed to understand the crystal structure of materials. Fundamental concepts including lattices, symmetries, point groups, and space groups will be discussed.

Course Outline


Basic theory of cocrystallization

Hydrogen bonding in cocrystallography      

Cocrystallization of different functional groups/systems

Pharmaceutically acceptable cocrystallization agents

Cocrystallization of active pharmaceuticals ingredients

Applications of cocrystallization towards improving desired physiochemical properties of Active pharmaceuticals ingredients

Introduction to crystallography

Electronic structure of atoms and different types of bonding

Crystallography  and diffraction

Crystals and lattics


Crystal systems and geometry

Space groups and equivalent

X-ray diffraction 

Study of X-ray crystal structures of active pharmaceutical ingredients

Fundamental principles of X-ray Powder diffraction(XRD) 

Applications of XRD in pharmacy

Study of X-ray crystal structures of crystals of APIS

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