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Clinical decision making and planning effective treatment: Clinical Decision Making-I (SLPCD713)

Clinical decision making is the process by which we determine who needs what, when. While not exactly arbitrary, this exercise can be quite subjective. Each clinician compiles their own data (hence the emphasis on learning to perform an accurate H&P) and

Course Outline


  • General assessment components and considerations
  • Assessment report writings
  • Checklists and work sheets
  • Developmental millstones for speech and language
  • Calculating percentage of consonants correct
  • Conversational speech intelligibility and severity assessment
  • Videos related to disorders
  • Determine the various approaches to SL intervention
  • Discussions on current trends in the field of interventions
  • Planning, Implementation and modification for appropriate therapy program
  • How to write the goals
  • relationship between assessment and intervention


Text Books

Relevant Books