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Film Production Independent Project: Home

This course is founded on the notion that students will be able to understand and prove their skills in the following areas. Film Direction, Screenplay Writing, Cinematography.

Course Objectives

By the end of the semester the students will be able to understand and prove their skills in the following areas.

  • Film Direction
  • Screenplay writing
  • Cinematography, including lighting, lensing, camera operations & camera movements.
  • Film Sound Recording on location including dubbing
  • Film Editing and color correction
  • Actors audition and process of hiring actors, Casting and rehearsal
  • Production-Design including theory of set construction, model making & general art direction.
  • Film Budgeting and Production



Riphah International University

Introduction to Media Production

MA Media Production is a two year programme planned for students and to provide them a comprehensive curriculum on Production Skills. The course module is aimed for the students who are enthusiastic in acquiring the theoretical and philosophical aspect of the media with respective to production and direction.

The curriculum will provides hands-on-training for producing various TV programs; drama, documentary, and news and current affairs programs. Student will learn, under the supervision of senior professionals from PTV and other TV channels, the art of direction, producing, TV news writing and producing news in TV Studio, in newsroom and on the panel. They will also acquire the skills of cinematography, non-linear editing, and all post production skills incorporating media writing, production, research and how to pitch a story.

The student provides the talent; we provide great instruction, equipment, and structured curriculum. It is the students' drive and creative ability that carries them forward. The student will interface with a wide range of broadcast technologies, and also learn the newly emerging issues of online journalism, social media, and producing of documentary film making on various issues. In the last semester, the students will produce a telecast standard video project, and will given an opportunity for internship with any media outlet. 

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