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Film Production Independent Project: Course Outline (BMSO1P145)

This course is founded on the notion that students will be able to understand and prove their skills in the following areas. Film Direction, Screenplay Writing, Cinematography.

Course Contents

  • Planning a Film Project
  • Scope of the story
  • Creating story for the Film
  • Writing a story
  • Division of story based on script
  • Actor selection
  • Location selection
  • Re-adjustment of the timeline and finalizing schedule
  • Booking of the equipment and other arrangement
  • Preparing to Shoot – Preproduction
  • Working with Actors and how to Direct Actors
  • Roles for the Film Shoot that you will do.
  • Final Shoot Preparations; How to prepare for shooting.
  • Rehearsals with the Actors         
  • Review of the work done on location (Post-production room)   
  • Review of the work done on location (Post-production room)   
  • Review of the work done on location (Post-production room) and prepare and edit your dream scenes and to get some scenes actually edited       Assignment: Continuity report
  • Post Production               
  • Closure and Reporting
  • Programmatic Deferential
  • Financial Deferential       Report writing in Blog or in form of making of the Film.

Recommended Books