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Screen Acting: Course Outline

This course is provide instruction and practice in Screen acting for television and film, including voice, poise, and character development.

Course Contents

  • The Performer – The performance – The Audience
  • Acting Techniques : Emotional Memory – Presence – Voice Projection & Control – Body Language – Facial Expressions
  • Script analysis for storytelling
  • The Actor in service of the script
  • Finding the conflict and playing objectives
  • Building dramatic conflict
  • Given circumstances & Playing the action
  • Auditing & Defining the role
  • Physical actions : Beginnings – Middles – Ends
  • Finding & playing objectives
  • Listening and staying in the moment
  • Interpreting and using dialogued
  • Working with people, place & thing
  • Rehearsing the scene : Preparing for the first read
  • Developing the role : The rehearsal process

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