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Neurological Assessment and Diagnostic Approaches: Course Outlines

This course provides physiotherapists with a background about the assessment of neuro muscular condition and different diagnostic techniques or approaches used in neuro rehabilitation

Course Cntents

  1. Basic introduction of function of brain and spinal cord
  2. Higher mental function assessmen

           Cognitive abilities



  1. Cranial nerve assessment

             All cranial nerves assessment

  1. Motor system

         Muscle strength

        Muscles testing

  1. Posture

            Static posture

           Dynamic posture

         Anticipatory posture

          Posture control

         Assessment of posture

  1. Balance

            Assessment of static and dynamic posture and role of balance

           Different scales used for balance include berg balance, time up and go test, rhomberg test etc

  1. Involuntary movement
  2. Sensory system

        Light touch

      Pin prick

     Combined cortical sensation

    Stereognosis, Baragnosis etc

     Kinesthetic and Proprioception

Course Contents


        Upper limb coordination

        Lower limb coordination

10.Disorder of speech

      Motor speech deficits

     Sensory speech deficits

      Aphasia include sensory, motor, dyslexia and dysgraphia

11.Apraxia of movement



13.Autonomic system



14.Gait assessment

       Normal gait pattern

       Abnormal gait pattern

      Gait parameter

      Subjective and objective  neurological assessment

      Chart reading, subjective, objective, functional, high level activities

     Discharge and prognosis outcome protocol

     Goal setting, short term and long term

      Multiple assessment scales used for neurological assessment include:

      GCS, SMMSE, Ashworth, barthel index, FIM, Lawton index, ASIA, UPDRS, TUG, POMA, LCFS, COPM, MAS, BBT, CTSIB,          Functional reach, DHI, Dix Halpike,  ABC, TIS, GMFS, Gait index, NIH stroke.


      Clinical implication


     Clinical implication