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Trends in Clinical Pharmacy (Ph.D): Course Outline

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Course Outline

  1. Research Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials: Research support including planning and execution of clinical trials, Guidelines for good clinical research practice and ethical requirements, Phases of clinical trials, Categories of Phase IV studies.
  2. Monitoring and auditing of clinical trials.
  3.  Design and execution of trials in different clinical settings.
  4. Drug therapy monitoring (medication chart review, clinical review, TDM, pharmacist intervention).
  5. Pharmaceutical care.
  6. Drug utilization evaluation (DUE) and review (DUR).
  7. Quality assurance of clinical pharmacy service.
  8. Application of epidemiological principles in the use of drugs.
  9. Pharmacovigilance.
  10. Rational therapeutics.
  11. Evidence based clinical practice.
  12. Computer Application in Clinical Pharmacy.
  13. Latest developments and advances in clinical pharmacy.
  14. Latest software’s in clinical pharmacy services.
  15. Electronic prescribing.

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