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Microprocessor and Interfacing: Course Outline (CS-331)

Microprocessors are a mass storage device. Interfaces refer to programs or devices that enable a given user to  communicate with the computer.

Course Outline

Introduction to Micro processors: Digital systems, SAP architecture and its model.
8/16-Bit Micro Processors: Introduction to 8085/6800/8088/8086 processors, architecture, memory & processor.
8088 Hardware Specifications: Pin-outs & pin functions, clock generator (8284A), bus buffering & latching, bus timing, minimum mode versus maximum mode.
Interfacing Techniques: Memory interfaces, basic I/O interface, programmable keyboard/ display controller 8279, programmable interval counter 8254 serial, 8088 interfacing, interrupt structure, case studies of interfacing with medical equipment.
Programming model of 8088: Data formats, instruction set of 8088, addressing modes, data movement instructions, Arithmetic & logic instructions, program control instructions.

Lab Outline

  • Single instruction execution,
  • Use of MAT Trainer,
  • Assembly Language Programming using DEBUG & MASM Assembler,
  • Interfacing with PC applications.

Recommended Books

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