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Biomedical Control System: Course Outline (BM-345)

Course Outline

Introduction: Introduction to Control Systems, Open – loop and closed –loop systems and their transfer functions, block diagrams, signal flow graphs.
Modeling of Physical Systems: Importance of modeling. Formation of differential equations of electrical,  mechanical,  electromechanical and other systems. Modeling of human systems.
Transient Response: Poles and zeros of a transfer function, stability, standardized inputs, steady – state and transient response of first – order, second order and higher order systems. Transient response specifications in time and frequency domain.

State-Space Representation and Analysis: Introduction to state space concepts and terminology, formation of state and output equations for physical systems. Solution of state equations, Eigenvalues and Eigen vectors, state – transition and transfer function matrices.
Steady-State Response: Types and analysis of feedback control systems based on steady-state error coefficients, sensitivity function. Time Domain Analysis: Root locus diagrams, Analysis and Design of Control Systems Based on Root locus technique.
Frequency Domain Analysis: Routh-Herwitz Stability criterion, Bode plots, Polar plots, Nyquist stability criterion, Gain and phase margins, Nichol‟s chart. Application of principles of control theory to analysis of biological system development of computer simulations techniques to study dynamic response of physiological system.

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