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Biomedical Instrumentation-I & II: Course Outline Biomedical Instrumentation-II (BM-344)

This course deals with the medical instrumentation application & design. It describes the principles, applications & design of the medical instruments commonly used in hospitals.

Course Objective

To understand the working principle of the Laboratory Instrumentation found in hospital or Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories. Having completed this course, Students are covered the biomedical application in clinical laboratories, Understand the different diagnosis techniques which are involved in Laboratory equipment

Course Outline

Microscopy: Electron Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy.

Spectroscopy: U. V., I. R., NMR & Visible Absorption, Flourometric Methods, Flame Photometry, Spectrographic Spectroscopy, Circular Dichroism, Mass Spectrometry.

Electrochemical methods of analysis: Electrophoresis Chromatography, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Clinical Chemistry Analysis, Study of different blood components through automated cell-counter, Centrifuging Techniques, Blood Banking and Transfusion, Service Automation, Polymerase Chain Reaction.

Title of Practicals

  • To study electronics & determination of pK by pH meter
  • Confirmation of the tyrosine by Spectrophotometer
  • Designing of Spectrophotometer
  • Separation of Proteins by electrophoresis
  • Separation of serum from blood samples by centrifuge
  • Designing of Centrifuge
  • To find out the fluorescence of vitamins (Riboflavin) by Spectrophotometer
  • To determine the Rf value of amino acids by Paper Chromatography
  • Separation / Estimation of Neurotransmitter by HPLC
  • Determination of Na+ & K+ from the biological samples by flame photometer (Flame photometer)
  • To observe the graphical views and analysis of the pH of the different samples solution by using Power lab
  • Analysis of blood by Automated chemistry Analyzer
  • Estimation of blood cells by Automated hematology system
  • Measurement of Hematocrit values by Automated hematology system
  • To study U.V and visible spectra of Proteins/nucleic acid/Riboflavin by Automated Spectrophotometer
  • Seminar / Presentation of different equipment

Recommended Books