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Fuzzy Differential Equations: Course Outline (MAT-641)

Fuzzy differential equations (FDEs) appear as a natural way to model the propagation of epistemic uncertainty in a dynamical environment.

Course Outline

Elements of set valued analysis, Hausdorff-Pompeiu metric, upper and lower semi-continuous, multifractions, hausdorff-Pompeiu continuity, closed multifractions, continuous selections, measurable multifractions, aumann integral, Hukuhara derivative, set differential equation existence and uniqueness, successive approximations, Fuzzy arithmetic, special type of Fuzzy sets, Zadeh’s extension principle, functions, supp-min extension principle, interval arithmetic, Fuzzy numbers and Fuzzy arithmetic, Fuzzy metric spaces, inner product spaces, inner product spaces, support function, embedding results, contnious Fuzzy functions, measurable Fuzzy function, integrable Fuzzy functions, Fuzzy Differential Equations, Fuzzy differential equation under dissipative condition, Bochner integral. 

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