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Ethics in Information Security: Reading Material

Reading Material And Methodology

Problem Based Learning Methodology – Learning through asking questions and seeking replies with references from the Quran and Sunnah. We will use, one of the best and comprehensive Web Site supervised by Shaikh Salih bin Munajid from Saudi Arabia. The following questions will provide detailed understanding on the topics.

Section 1-General Zehan Sazi Material

Section 4 –Case Studies –Islamic Finance Related Issues for IS Entrepreneurs, Projects & Contracts

Section 2 – Case Studies -Sample Issues in IT/IS related Projects – Just to Highlight Issues and Corresponding Rulings

  • Ruling on programming electronic games
  • Electronic games
  • Can he sell computer programs even though he is afraid that they may be used for haraam purposes?
  • Developing an iPhone program on a personal computer contrary to the agreement with the Apple company
  • Ruling on animated drawings (cartoons)
  • Prohibition of images and erecting statues, and the effect this has on ‘aqeedah
  • Ruling on drawing animate beings
  • Using the company’s property for personal things
  • Ruling on copying programs
  • Ruling on buying copied computer programs

Section 5 – Case Studies–Riba and Riba Based Jobs/ Projects in IS