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Ethics in Information Security: Topics

Sharia and Ethics

  • What is the Definition of a Meaningful life? What it? Why should we desire one? How do we make our life Meaningful?
  • What is Strategic Visioning Framework? How is it related to a Muslim IS Professional?
  • What is thinking Management? What, Why & How?
  • The concepts of Paradigms: The CREATOR’S Paradigm Vs. Creations Paradigms
  • What is the definition of Success and Failure in the two Paradigms?
  • What is the Decision the Making Process / Framework?
  • Competition Vs. Cooperation Models?
  • What is the definition of Ethics?
  • What is Professional Ethics?
  • Definitions and Terms carry an ideological meanings- both in Islam and other Ideologies
  • Difference between Western Ethics and Sharia?
  • What is Sharia?
  • What are the Sources of Sharia?
  • Which is Superior Sharia or Professional Ethics?
  • What are the Objectives of Sharia?
  • Do most of the Muslim IS Professionals have or do not have the Authentic Sharia Knowledge to understand the issues found in contemporary Markets?
  • Analysis of Code of Ethics of various Professional Bodies like Software Engineering Code of Ethics, PMI Code of ethics etc., and the Basic Sharia Analysis of these Codes.
  • Would the western Code of ethics always comply with Sharia, or would they always be compatible to each other?

Comparison of a Muslim and Non-Muslim IS Professioanal

  • Is there a difference between an IS Professional Vs. a Muslim IS Professional?
  • Comparison of Muslim IS Professional with a Non-Muslim IS Professional?
  • Comparison of a life of a Muslim IS Professional with the life of a  Non-Muslim IS Professional

Issues in IS Projects and Project Management

  • What are some issues in IS & IT Project Management? What are some Issues in IS related Projects?
  • What is the concept of IS Governance? What are some issues and challenges in IS & IT Governance? Information Security Governance?
  • Are the issues same for a Muslim IS professional and a Non-Muslim IS Professional?
  • Are the source of problem same for both the professionals? Are the solutions same for both the professionals?

Issues in Contracts, Agreements & Licences, and their impact on a life of IS Professional

  • What are the basics of Islamic Contract Law?
  1. What are the conditions of making a contract?
  2. What makes a contract / agreement Fasid?
  3. What are some areas where every IS professional will be dealing in his life with contracts and agreements?
  • What are some Challenges and Opportunities for a Muslim IS professional in Contemporary Markets?
  1. BPO industry?
  2. Issues in the Outsourcing Jobs
  3. Contracts, Contractual obligations and Impacts on complying with agreements contradicting sharia
  • What are some Issues in the Following type of  Contracts
  1. Software Licensing Contracts
  2. Employee Employer Contracts
  3. Work/ Project Delivery Contracts
  • HR Issues in IS Industry – Employee Employer relationships. What are some challenges in this relationship? What would be some unconscionable clauses in the contracts?
  • Issues related to CIA triangle, Hacking? Ethical Hacking?  What is Ethical Hacking?

Relationship of a Muslim IS professional with Non-Muslims, Settling in Non-Muslim environments, Brain Drain and risks of helping Non-Muslims against Muslims

  • What are the challenges in dealing with non-Muslims?
  • Analysis of Issues & Challenges of settling in Non-Muslims Countries for a Muslim IS professional?
  • What are Risks for migrating to Non-Muslim Countries?
  • What is Brain Drain?
  • How to do the Risk Management against the above challenges?

Haram vs Halal Earnings and Its impact

  • What are the Risks of not knowing what is haram, and what is Halal for a Muslim?
  • Understanding the Importance of Halal Rizq/ Earnings for a Muslim IS Professional?
  • Understanding the Impact of Haram Earnings on Muslim IS Professionals, Their families and Society as a whole?
  • What kind of haram jobs and Projects are present in the IS & Telecom Industry?
  • What is Ubobiyah Business Model (UBM)? How to apply UBM into IS industry?
  • What is the Importance of Akhiraa in the Life of a Muslim IS Professional? How important is it?

Objectives of Sharia and link to IS industry

  • What are the objectives of (Maqaside) Sharia? How do they relate to IS profession and IS Professionals?  Protection of Deen, Protection of Life, Protection of Honor, Protection of progeny, Protection of  Wealth
  • Analysis of IS industry Challenges using Maqasid e Sharia Lens?
  • What is the impact on a Muslim IS Professional in Specific, and any person in general of not having the sharia system of governance in our Lives?