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Computer Fundamentals: Course Outline CE101

A computer is an electronic machine that accepts data, stores and processes data into information. The computer is able to work because there are instructions in its memory directing it.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to computers and computer components
  • Input, output, storage devices and OS
  • Lab MS word
  • Number systems
  • Number systems
  • Lab MS power point
  • Introduction to programming
  • Pseudo code
  • Variable
  • Constants
  • Operators & keywords
  • Lab MS excel
  • Input output constructs
  • Sequence constructs
  • Lecture h/w and exercise
  • Selection statements: if/else
  • Selection statements: if/else
  • Lecture h/w and exercise
  • Selection statements: nested if
  • Selection construct: switch
  • Lecture h/w and exercise
  • Selection construct: switch
  • Selection construct: while loop
  • Lab lecture h/w and exercise
  • Iteration construct: for loop
  • Iteration construct: nested loop
  • Iteration construct: do/while loop
  • Array
  • Searching in array 

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