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Electronics Lab: Course Outline (PHY-319)

An electronic lab notebook (also known as electronic laboratory notebook, or ELN) is a computer program designed to replace paper laboratory notebooks

Course Contents

  • 1. Showing relation of two physical quantities by means of Graphs.
  • 2. Study of CRO and Frequency generator.
  • 3. Characteristics of semiconductor diode .
  • 4. Characteristics of Zenerdiode .
  • 5. Single phase Half wave rectifiers with inductive and capacitive filters.
  • 6. Single phase Full wave rectifiers with inductive and capacitive filters.
  • 7. Use of diode as Logic gates.
  • 8. Characteristics of transistor under CE
  • 9. Characteristics of transistor under CB
  • 10. Characteristics of transistor under CC
  • 11. To construct an RC coupled Single stage amplifier) Using transistor as an amplifier.
  • 12. Using transistor as Multi vibrator.(A stable, Bi stable and Mono Stable Multi vibrator)
  • 13. To construct RC oscillator using Transistor.
  • 14. Characterization of op-amp.

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