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Advanced Research Methods: Course Outline (MSPM)

The problem-solving research uses applied research to find solutions to the existing problems. Qualitative Research: Qualitative research is a process that is about inquiry, that helps in-depth understanding of the problems or issues in their natural sett

Course Outline

Course Objectives:

  • To reveal the worth of research in respective fields of interest.
  • To explore theoretical research domains for applied societal issues.
  • To find avenues of research contribution in development of life aspects.
  • To address prevailing problems with research techniques.
  • To influence decision making by applying research pyramids.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course students will be able to

  • independently be able to search for, integrate and critically assess research information
  • demonstrate a good understanding of how to write a research paper/thesis
  • independently be able to design a research approach for a specific research issue
  • independently use common statistics software for data analysis
  • interpret and present the results of an independently conducted analysis
  • critically assess published quantitative research with regard to the statistical methods and approaches adopted

Course Contents:

This course shall unleash the inner potential of students to conduct research by learning significance of research, types of research, school of thoughts on research development, approaches of research, problem identification for research, literature worth in research, research design, hypothesis development, methodological challenges in research, analysis of research data, overcoming research biases, discussion on research analysis outcomes, conclusion and recommendation in research, limitation in conducting research and future research directives. 

Course Plan:

Week #

Main Topics


Week 01      

Reasons of advancement in research


Week 02

School of thoughts in conducting research


Week 03

Types of research and variables distinction


Week 04

Approaches of research and its selection


Week 05

Theoretical worth of pursuing targeted research


Week 06

Problem identification and research objectives


Week 07

Building research back ground and questions


Week 08

Re-search literature for specific research domain


Mid Term

Week 09

Hypothesis and research design practices


Week 10

Methodological issues in research


Week 11

Targeted population and sample extraction


Week 12

Research analysis techniques and world of apparatuses


Week 13

Advancement in analysis of research topic


Week 14

Appropriate research discussion with justifications


Week 15

Concluding research for relevant solutions


Week 16

Research limitations and future directions