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Advanced Research Methods: Course Outline (MS MGT and MS A& F)

The problem-solving research uses applied research to find solutions to the existing problems. Qualitative Research: Qualitative research is a process that is about inquiry, that helps in-depth understanding of the problems or issues in their natural sett

Course Outline

Course Description


The Research Methods Course provides the knowledge and understanding of research design and methods appropriate for small-scale research. It is concerned with the formulation of research questions or hypotheses and the design of the research process and the ensuing process of investigation. The course is a necessary pre-requisite for the Masters dissertation.

General Description:

The course addresses a wide range of business research methods including various methods of data collection and analysis. Topics will include research planning, sampling, exploratory research, interviews, secondary data analysis, survey methodology, and quantitative analytical methods. The main aim of the course is for students to develop an understanding of the business research process, and to address this aim, the course is divided into two sections. Part 1 will address research planning and data collection; Part 2 will address analysis of collected quantitative data.

General Learning Objectives:

The principal aim of this course is to assist students in the process of identifying ‘research’ topics and problems, and to provide them with a logical framework in which to consider such problems, the associated methodologies and the results.

Research in areas of business has grown, and continues to grow very rapidly. The ability not only to structure one’s own investigations, but also to evaluate and critique the work of others, is of great importance. The course will therefore also provide a forum in which students can actively develop their critical skills.

By the end of the course all students are expected to have identified a research topic in consultation with the instructor or other appropriate staff, and to have developed a research proposal for assessment.

Amongst the general objectives of this course are:-

  1. To understand the different approaches to research and the management research process
  2. To understand the various research designs, techniques of variable measurements, data collection and computer based data analysis
  3. To develop skills in preparing research proposals, designing questionnaires, analyzing data, interpreting results and preparing reports
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Week 1       Introduction and discussion of course framework
Week 2 Introduction to research
Week 3 Scientific thinking in research
Week 4 Problem Definition and Topic Selection
Week 5 The Research Process
Week 6 Sources of research data
Week 7

Secondary data and Literature Review Techniques &


Referencing Format

Week 8 Survey research
Week 9 Experimentation
Week 10 Presentation & Report layout
Week 11 Measurement Techniques
Week 12 Data Collection Methods & Scales
Week 13 Qualitative Research
Week 14 Sampling and Research
Week 15 Sample size determination
Week 16 Analysis of data, Hypothesis Testing, Research Report


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