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To reveal decision-making processes, models and frameworks for managerial decision-making.




Course Objectives

  • Understand the major decision making theories as they apply to various business and management settings, and be able to apply these theories to the analysis of problems, situations and develop effective problem solving strategies.
  • Effectively prepare for team work or problem solving in interaction through situational awareness, self assessment, and the assessment of the other party(ies);
  • Recognize crisis situations and effectively approach them by using appropriate strategies and techniques;
  • Recognize the various processes that lead us to be "less than rational" in our decision making;
  • Recognize and overcome the limitations and inconsistencies in our decision making;
  • Effectively deal with ambiguity and develop strategies to deal with different levels of ambiguity in problem solving;
  • Understand the role of intuition in the decision making process;

Learning Outcomes

  • Effectively utilize the advocacy and inquiry method to understand our way of reasoning;
  • Understand and effectively deal with stressful situations, including the choice of appropriate stress management techniques;
  • Identify problem situations and assess uncertainty;
  • Identify and rectify the common biases and issues which are related to managerial decision making.
  • Develop creative problem-solving strategies both individually and in team settings, and apply them.

Managerial Decision Making

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