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Opto-electronics focuses on the devices enabling a merger between the fields of photonics and electronics

Course Objective

The subject of Opto-electronics focuses on the devices enabling a merger between the fields of photonics and electronics. It is a very important course providing foundation for specializations such as high data rate optical communication systems as well as sophisticated measurement and instrumentation systems such as laser interferometers. The main Course Learning Outcomes (CLO) of the subject, to be achieved by the end of the semester, are given below

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Optoelectronics is the study and application of electronic devices and systems that source, detect and control light, usually considered a sub-field of photonics. In this context, lightoften includes invisible forms of radiation such as gamma raysX-aysultraviolet and infrared, in addition to visible light. Optoelectronic devices are electrical-to-optical or optical-to-electrical transducers, or instruments that use such devices in their operation. 

Electro-optics is often erroneously used as a synonym, but is a wider branch of physics that concerns all interactions between light and electric fields, whether or not they form part of an electronic device.Optoelectronics is based on the quantum mechanical effects of light on electronic materials, especially semiconductors, sometimes in the presence of electric fields

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