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Anthropology: Course Outline (BBA)

This course provides a general introduction to Anthropology through the study of central concepts and key issues.

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Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students will be able to:


  1. Understand the basic concepts and methods of anthropology;
  2.  Understand the differences between anthropology and other social sciences;
  3.  Understand the relevance of anthropological perspectives within academia and beyond;
  4.  Understand the nature of human biological and cultural diversity
  5. Understanding of the human condition, which has application far beyond the discipline of Anthropology.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to Anthropology

                                Chapter 1, “The Nature of Anthropology”

                                Chapter 2, “Methods of Studying the Human Past”

                                Videos: Faces of Culture series

·          “How Cultures are Studies”

·          “The Nature of Anthropology”

·        “Biology and Evolution”
                                Chapter 6, “The Earliest Hominines”
                                Chapter 7, “Homo habilis and Cultural Origins”
·        Homo erectus and the Emergence of Hunting and Gathering”
                                Chapter 9, “Archaic Homo sapiens and the Middle Paleolithic”
                                Chapter 10, “Homo sapiens and the Upper  Paleolithic”
                                Videos from In Search of Human Origins
Exam Two
·        Cultivation and Domestication”
                                Chapter 12, “The Rise of Cities and Civilization”
                                Chapter 17, “Patterns of Subsistence”

·        Chapter 17, “Patterns of Subsistence”
                                Chapter 18, “Economic Systems”
                                Videos from Faces of Culture series:
·          “Patterns of Subsistence: Foragers/ Pastoralists”
·          “Patterns of Subsistence: The Food Producers”
·          “Economic Anthropology”
·          “The Highland Maya”
·        The Nature of Culture”
                                Chapter 15, “Language and Communication”
                                Chapter 24, “Religion and the Supernatural”
·        Chapter 25, “The Arts”
                                Chapter 26, “Cultural Change”
                                Videos from Faces of Culture series:
·          “Religion and Magic”
·          “The Arts”
  • Project/Revision