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Pakistan Economy: Course Outline (BBA)

The study of economic development is one of the newest, most exciting and most challenging branches of the broader disciplines of political economy.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Macro Economic Development (Objectives)
  • Macro Economic Framework and Performance (Economy Overview)
  • Diverse Structure &
  • Common Characteristics of Developing Countries
  • Poverty Trends Causes and Solutions
  • Population ,Human Capital and Growth
  • Issues in Agriculture and Government Policies
  • Agriculture Sector of Pakistan
  • Industrialization Strategie
  • Revision discussion                                                       MIDTERM
  • Trade and development ;engine or brake Case of Pakistan
  • Fiscal policy
  • Planning and  resource allocation in developing countries
  • Economic Planning Forms, Strategy, and Pre-Requisites Development Plans)
  • Dealing with the Debt Legacy
  • Public Finance Resource mobilization and Taxation in Pakistan
  • Macroeconomic Imbalances in Pakistan
  • Presentation/open seminar